Behind the scene of 50 Shades of Black

With this image, which appears on Vogue online, I wanted to create something striking with an interesting contrast. Creating the look really gave me an opportunity to use the artistic side of me. I’m always drawn to jewellery adverts where the model’s elegant hands and posture hold your gaze on the image. I wanted to take this engaging element a little bit further and build an image where certain parts almost pop out of it creating a contrast with high and low lights. Using dark body paint and gold spray and jewellery helped me achieve this look and feel.

As a dancer, my model Iria has an excellent posture and she was extremely patient. The photographer Indrek is very skilled in lighting, and I knew I could trust him to bring just the right amount of light on the model’s face.

The application took about two hours as I applied a few layers of the black Make Up Forever body paint to ensure the black is strong. I used blue contact lenses for Iria as I wanted to create a more unnatural look than would have been possible with her own brown eyes. Her dark brown hair I sprayed with gold. I also used chains and abstract motives on her face, as well as metal scrap paper as choker on her neck.

This was the final result after quite a few changes of the look. Getting the shots right the first time around was easy with Iria’s ability to step into character and Indrek’s professionalism and creativity.

The jewelleries are from Hatton Gardens where you can find some if not the nicest jewelleries in London.