I have started with my makeup tutorial on YouTube about 2.5 years ago.

As a makeup artist I find it very exciting to share all the makeup knowledge I have and to show viewers the best products available on the market. 

I feel like by creating videos I am able to communicate easier with everybody and to show easy practical tips .

Makeup and Hairstylist Eszter Hercsik using the Phyllis Cohen Face Lace Mask. This is my first makeup tutorial and I was inspired by Lady Gaga Super Bowl performance and paired it up with glitter and dark lips to be the look for Halloween.
Festive Makeup in 5 Easy Steps I wanted to create a simple festive Look, so this makeup tutorial will give you a beautiful festive glamour which can be created in less than 10 minutes. This look is also not too pricey but with good quality makeup products.
Here is my third makeup tutorial, this time specifically created for New Years Eve. This makeup tutorial is about glamour, glitter and gold. I am using my favourite products to create this easy glittery look. I especially like using gold shimmer and glitter on the body to create a glamorous effect at a New Years Eve Party.
Create a ''Romantic Valentine's day look''. In this easy to follow makeup tutorial, you can learn, what products I used and how to apply it. I am teaching basic makeup applications with a twist. This Valentines Day look includes a pink & lilac smokey eyes, dewy skin, soft rosy cheeks, contoured face and a romantic pink lips.